A&W Canada debuts new program to support food security initiative Mealshare

A popular fast-food chain gives Calgary-based social enterprise a big boost

Photo courtesy of A&W's Facebook page.

This morning, Mealshare announced a new partnership with A&W Canada that will see the Calgary-based social enterprise’s charitable meal program implemented at more than 1,000 A&W locations across Canada.

Since launching in 2013, restaurants from coast to coast have partnered with Mealshare to offer menu items that directly support Canadian youths facing food insecurity. For every Mealshare item ordered, the partnered restaurant contributes $1 to Mealshare, who then distributes the funds to partner charities like the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Save the Children.

Since the onset of COVID-19, the combination of restaurant closures and a dramatic surge in demand have left Mealshare facing significant challenges in maintaining its usual output. The new deal with A&W offers the organization an opportunity to continue its important work while supplementing any pandemic-related setbacks.  

“A&W is an amazing organization and a leader in the industry through its many environmental and social initiatives,” says Jeremy Bryant, co-founder of Mealshare. “The support of A&W restaurants will make a huge impact for Mealshare and all the youth we support across the entire country”.

In addition to supplying one meal to a youth in need every time a guest opts to “Make it a Mealshare” by adding $1 to any order, A&W also plans to introduce “Mealshare Mondays”, where a meal will also be donated for every Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger combo ordered.

“Our national partnership with Mealshare will help us make a bigger difference with our operators and their teams across the country. Local franchisees from coast to coast are excited to be a part of this program because they’ve seen first-hand the needs in their communities and how these programs can provide immediate benefit and support,” says Susan Senecal, Chief Executive Officer at A&W Canada.

A&W’s Mealshare program will be accessible on February 1 in-restaurant, through drive-thru, or by using the mobile app.