Calgary community rallies to support Umami Noodle Bar after tragic accident

Fans launch a GoFundMe to support the family behind Calgary’s beloved Umami Noodle Bar

Image via Umami Noodle Bar's Facebook page

Along with many other fans of Calgary’s Umami Noodle Bar, while we were waiting for the beloved family-run businesses to return from its summer break, we were notified that the family had been the victims of a tragic traffic accident while driving home to Calgary from Whistler. 

The four members of the Huynh family who were in the vehicle were all badly injured by the crash, and have each required extensive treatment in the time since, with parents Dean and My Linh still residing at a Calgary rehabilitation centre. 

In addition to the tremendous physical and emotional toll the accident has taken on the family, the Huynhs have obviously not been able to reopen Umami Noodle Bar, which is the family’s sole source of income.

Fans of the family-run business will know that the Huynh family not only fostered a warm and welcoming environment at Umami, but have also been actively involved in their community.for more than a decade. 

Since the family still requires a significant amount of time to get back on their feet, a GoFundMe campaign was recently launched on the family’s behalf to show support and ensure they will be able to resume running the restaurant once they recover.


"As we continue to receive updates, donations to this page will help fund medical and business expenses while they spend all the time they need to recover. Any, and all, contributions are greatly appreciated."