Calgary’s Lil’ Empire launches creative recruitment campaign

One of Calgary’s top burger spots is looking for a new team member

Four years ago today, Karen Kho and Dave Sturies took possession of their first brick and mortar cafe and deli in southwest Calgary. Since then, the impassioned co-owners of Empire Provisions and its two subsequent Lil’ Empire Burger sister locations have earned a reputation for providing a range of high quality culinary offerings in a warm, welcoming and jovial atmosphere.

And while those who have visited any of Empire’s Calgary locations will know that the work environment Kho and Sturies have established revolves around camaraderie, cordial customer service, and perhaps most enticingly, firsthand access to some fantastic food and beverage, even Empire hasn’t been impervious to the effects of the pandemic. 

In an effort to attract new team members during a time when industry professionals have been reluctant to return to foodservice, Lil’ Empire recently uploaded a series of creative and highly entertaining recruitment graphics, specifically seeking a new customer service supervisor at its Bridgeland location.

In addition to being genuinely funny, Empire’s Instagram post speaks to the dire situation Canada’s hospitality industry is currently facing. The post also provides a range of incentives for prospective team members, including the opportunity to earn more than $20 per hour, staff discounts, free staff meals, and equal tip sharing amongst kitchen and service staff.

Applications to join the Lil’ Empire team can be made online or via email.