Canadian wineries go virtual for tours

Wineries across Canada begin offering virtual tours and tastings

Normally, with the spring season in full swing, wine-lovers across the globe would flock to Canada’s wine-producing regions to enjoy tastings, tours, and some of the best-quality wines the world has to offer.

But since that option isn’t currently available, Canadian wineries have begun offering the next best thing: virtual wine tastings and tours.

In B.C. for example, many of the 44 Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country members, such as Road 13 Vineyards, Bordertown Winery, and Hester Creek Estate are now offering their take on a virtual tasting experience.

Other establishments, like Kismet Estate Winery, have taken the idea of a virtual tour to the next level.

Kismet Estate is currently running a weekly series on Facebook and Instagram. During the Sunday Live Series, the Kismet team breaks down various wine topics, offers pairing suggestions, and takes viewers on a guided tasting through the winery’s portfolio.

Kismet Estate also offers a more personalized tasting experience, which comes complimentary with the purchase of three or more bottles.

Meanwhile in Canada’s largest wine-producing province, multiple Ontario wineries have also taken to offering virtual wine tastings, and has designed a platform to make the procuring of hard-to-find wines a little easier.

The Ontario-based platform is currently providing free delivery service throughout the province for a curated selection of exclusive wines from some of the world’s top producers. Interested participants can sign up for the service online.