Canmore’s Tapas Restaurant rebrands as Sauvage Restaurant

Chefs Tracy Little and Renee Saulnier’s shared vision comes to life on Sept. 1

This week, acclaimed chef Tracy Little announced that Canmore’s Tapas Restaurant will undergo a rebranding of sorts with the unveiling of a new name and an updated concept that will come into effect on September 1. 

Since taking over the Canmore eatery in April 2020, chef Little has implemented several small changes to feature her signature focus on foraging, locally-sourced ingredients, and sustainability. Now that the challenges of the pandemic are more manageable, she and her longtime sous chef Renee Saulnier are finally ready to see their vision for the restaurant come to life.

“I am extremely lucky to work with such a talented and driven young woman; just at 25 [chef Saulnier] is already setting the path to make her mark in the culinary world,” says chef Little, being only 35 herself. “We have a kitchen of mostly women with big imaginations and a passion to do something a bit different.”

Sauvage Restaurant will aim to showcase the two chefs’ shared passion for Canadian cuisine in an experience-driven journey through new dishes, tasting menus, and interactive culinary stories inspired by their adventures in the wild. Exact details about the restaurant's grand opening on September 1 have yet to be revealed in full, but chef Little has playfully stated that the celebration will feature edible balloons. 

Colour us intrigued!

Reservations for both the remaining days of Tapas and the soon-to-be-open Sauvage can be made online.