Check it Out: Beaucoup Bakery and DL Chicken’s Fried Chicken Crois-Sando

A fun collaboration between two of Vancouver’s most beloved culinary brands

Photos by Rich Won

When it comes to interesting culinary collaborations in Vancouver, few do it better than Beaucoup Bakery and DL Chicken, so we were especially excited to see that the two beloved brands have finally teamed up to create a deliciously comforting new offering. 

As the name suggests, the Fried Chicken Crois-Sando features DL Chicken’s signature fried chicken pressed in between two sweet-and-spicy renditions of Beaucoup Bakery’s famous butter croissants. 

Daring diners will also have the opportunity to opt for a “Fear the Reaper” croissant, which offers an extra heaping of heat in addition to the custom DL medium spice featured in the Sweet N Spicy Croissant. 

“The Fried Chicken Crois-Sando must be one of my favourite cross-genre mash-ups I’ve been lucky to be part of in a while,” says DL Chicken co-owner Doug Stephen. “I’m a huge fan of what Betty and Jacky have done with Beaucoup Bakery—their work speaks for itself. Being able to incorporate our spices into their croissants is on another level. Sandwich in our fried chicken and you have a winner.”

The Fried Chicken Crois-Sando will be available from 11 a.m. till sold out on Wednesday, July 6 at Beaucoup Bakery and both of DL Chicken’s Vancouver locations, while the Sweet N Spicy Croissant can be purchased on its own at Beaucoup Bakery on July 6.