Check it Out: Beaucoup Bakery’s 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Collection

A mesmerising Mid-Autumn collection from one of Vancouver’s top bakeries

Photos by Rich Won

With Mid-Autumn Festival now just over two weeks away, Vancouver’s Beaucoup Bakery just unveiled a gorgeous new collection featuring three new buttery sablé crusted mooncakes, a limited-edition mango crêpe croissant, and the return of its popular Peking duck croissant in collaboration with Chinatown BBQ. 

The mooncake collection will be available at Beaucoup Bakery from September 1 to 11 and includes three flavours: Taro (house-made taro filling with a soft peanut centre), Coco Pandan (coconut rice pudding and pandan marzipan), and Crème Sago (vanilla sago custard and soft sesame centre). 

The dim sum-inspired mango crêpe croissant will be available from September 2 to 4 and September 9 to 11 and features Beaucoup’s classic butter croissant with a virbant vanilla crème diplomate, fresh mango, and a thin, soft crêpe cover.

Finally, the Peking duck croissant will only be available at this year’s Light Up Chinatown! festival on September 10 and 11. The 2022 rendition of the popular offering includes shredded roasted duck courtesy of Chinatown BBQ, hoisin sauce, scallions, five spice powder, and Beaucoup’s classic butter croissant.

Both the mooncake trio and the mango crêpe croissant are now available for preorder from Beaucoup Bakery's online shop.