Check it Out: Chartier’s sourdough brioche doughnuts

The celebrated Beaumont eatery unveils a pair of stunning seasonal doughnuts  

Images via Chartier's Facebook page.

A pair of picturesque doughnuts from Beaumont’s Chartier caught our attention this week while perusing social media, and since we know that more than 1 billion doughnuts are eaten annually in Canada, we’d be remiss not to share with our fellow doughnut-loving Canadians. 

The doughnuts in question were designed by Chartier pastry chef Betty Attwood and feature a naturally leavened, hand rolled sourdough brioche base. The Mayflower (pictured above) has a lime curd diplomat cream filling and is topped with pistachio buttercream, finished with an elderflower glaze, smashed pistachios, candied lime, and fresh flowers. 

The Rhubarb Dame (pictured below) contains an amaretto and vanilla custard filling and is topped with cold poached rhubarb, maple candied almonds, vanilla sugar, a rhubarb glaze, and rose gold. 


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Chartier’s seasonal brioche doughnuts can be ordered online and purchased at the Chartier Bakery during its opening hours Wednesdays through Sundays.