Check it Out: Vancouver's Mister and Lee’s Donuts’ ice cream doughnut sandwich

A cool collaboration to celebrate Mister’s sixth anniversary

Photos by Rich Won

Vancouver’s popular artisan ice cream parlour Mister is approaching its sixth year in operation and to help celebrate both the milestone anniversary and the recent opening of its Kitsilano expansion, Mister has teamed up with Lee’s Donuts to create a cool new treat. 

The Chocolate Trio Ice Cream Donut features a combination of Mister’s liquid nitrogen-churned chocolate trio ice cream and Lee’s Donuts’ Chocolate Cake. Each offering is served in a classic Lee’s Donut Honey Dip and is hot pressed to order, resulting in a best-of-both-worlds ice cream sandwich. 

To make the celebration extra sweet, the two purveyors will also be offering up a special Chocolate Trio Ice Cream Pint made with an Ovaltine ice cream base with Nutella swirl and Lee’s Donut Chocolate Cake crumbles. 

The Chocolate Trio Ice Cream Donut is priced at $8.50 and will be available exclusively at Mister Ice Cream Bar on June 11 and 12, while the Ice Cream Pint will be available at Lee’s Donuts and both Mister locations beginning on June 11.