Chef Ned Bell's Naramata Inn restaurant opens in B.C.

Chef Ned Bell’s latest venture celebrates the bounty and flavours of the Okanagan

This week, the highly anticipated Restaurant at Naramata Inn officially opened its doors in the Okanagan. Led by acclaimed chef and Naramata Inn co-owner Ned Bell, the newest British Columbian dining destination will serve as a celebration of the unique ingredients and flavours of Naramata. 

After decades of helming high profile kitchens across the country and an assortment of accompanying accolades, chef Bell has gained a reputation as an advocate for sustainability and the use of locally-sourced ingredients--something he is committed to continuing at the Restaurant at Naramata Inn. 

“Supporting local farmers and small producers has never been more important,” says Bell, who originally hails from the Okanagan. “I really want to highlight these amazing ingredients with the tender love and care they deserve, right here where they’re grown. This is Naramatian cuisine. We literally could not create this dining experience anywhere else.”

Chef Bell's menu features dishes like wild sage-cured and pan-seared char and organic beef served with browned butter hollandaise and seasonal vegetables, all sourced from local growers and artisans in the Okanagan region. 

The Restaurant at Naramata Inn’s wine program will follow the same ethos; award-winning sommelier and wine director, Emily Walker, has put together a comprehensive selection, designed to showcase the wide array of Naramata and Okanagan-produced wines the region is famous for.  

“Naramata is like no place else in the world, “ says co-owner Paul Hollands. “Being right on Lake Okanagan and surrounded by mountains, orchards and vineyards, it is blessed with an amazing agricultural bounty. For 112 years, Naramata Inn has been the heart of this wonderful place. Revitalizing the Inn, and launching the restaurant has been a dream come true.” 

Reservations for the Restaurant at Naramata Inn are available online.