Concorde Group to open new restaurant Barbarella Bar on Stephen Avenue

The newest Concorde concept is slated to open later this year

Royalty-free image of Stephen Avenue via Unsplash

It’s been just over three months since their latest restaurant opened and just under a month since they were awarded Canada’s best new restaurant, but it seems Calgary’s Concorde Group has kept its foot planted on the proverbial pedal and will be opening yet another concept this coming fall. 

Though exact details regarding Barbarella Bar are still being kept under wraps, Concorde has revealed that the new restaurant will be located on the corner of Stephen Avenue and 2nd Street on the main level of Stephen Avenue Place. The space has long been under construction, but it's clear there is more headway being made as of late.

Concorde is currently in the process of hiring all positions for Barbarella Bar and will likely divulge more extensive details down the road via social media. For now, keep an eye on the Barbarella Bar Instagram page for up-to-date announcements.