Cool new jelly dessert company Jelly Lab launches in Calgary

A unique custom jelly company is creating quite the buzz in Calgary

A new custom jelly company from Calgary-based fashion stylist Leah Van Loon has been wiggling its way into the hearts of Calgarians as of late thanks to dynamic jelly creations, and today, Van Loon announced the first feature in a new recurring series. 

Fans of the local fashion stylist will likely know that Van Loon’s affinity for designing unique gelatinous desserts isn’t exactly new, but following a recent feature on Avenue Magazine, the Calgary creative’s jiggling jellies are starting to stir up significant buzz.

Van Loon plans to feature a new gourmet jelly every Monday for the foreseeable future, beginning today with the same striking mosaic jelly creation (coconut panna cotta with cubes of pomegranate, blue curacao, and pineapple) that was featured in Avenue Magazine.

Jelly Lab’s feature jelly of the week can be customized and ordered online for pickup on Friday or Saturday.