A cool wizard-themed mini golf course is coming to Calgary

Springbank Links is getting a fun new Harry Potter-inspired minigolf course 

A new wizard-themed minigolf course inspired by The Boy Who Lived is popping up in Calgary over the winter season. Although it was originally scheduled to get underway earlier this month, Potion Putt will now be making its debut at Springbank Links Golf Club on December 7. 

Potion Putt was conceived by the creators of popular made-for-adult adventures like the Alice Cocktail Experience and The Wizard’s Den, so it’s safe to assume Calgarians can expect a similarly immersive experience here.

Minigolfers will also be able to enjoy plenty of wizard-themed libations while putting through the nine-hole course—both alcoholic and non-alcoholic—with refreshments ranging from butterscotch beer to cauldron cocktails. 

Potion Putt is expected to open for the winter season on December 7. All sessions before 5 p.m. are family-friendly, after which the venue will be strictly adults only. More information along with tee time bookings can be found online.