Daily bite: Black Fox Farm and Distillery launch new Canadian whisky

The Black Fox Whisky Project aims to reaffirm Canadian whisky as a world class product

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Black Fox Farm and Distillery, one of the few true farm-to-flask distilleries in North America, just added to their exceptional catalogue of spirits with a brand-new Canadian whisky made with 100 per cent triticale.

Since its inception in 2015, the award-winning distillery has created numerous internationally recognized gins and whiskies using ingredients grown from their Saskatchewan farm, and the Black Fox Whisky appears to continue that pedigree. 

By launching the Black Fox Whisky, founders John Cote and Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote hope to reestablish the merits of Canadian whisky and prove that it is possible to be a true craft distillery and have amazing locally-sourced products rather than re-labelling whisky produced elsewhere. 

“Our passion to create Canada's best whisky encourages us to allow our terroir to be front and centre of our products,” says Black Fox co-founder John Cote. "The whisky is turning out better than we could have ever imagined." 


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Black Fox Whisky is made with triticale from a breeding program at Swift Current Saskatchewan. The genetic line of triticale derives from the CIMMYT breeding program--one of the most important public sources of high yielding, nutritious, and disease and climate-resilient wheat varieties--and contains a flavour profile unique to the Prairies, having been produced on the distillery farm just south of Saskatoon. The whiskey is aged in new American oak casks, which will contract and expand to the Prairie climate for a truly Canadian character.

Black Fox is inviting discerning whisky-lovers on its journey of creating the finest of Canadian whiskies, with the opportunity to purchase individual 200 liter casks of the limited-edition Black Fox Whisky. 

Black Fox has also revealed that they're getting set to debut a new haskap gin in the near future, which they believe will follow in the footsteps of its award-winning predecessors.