Eat This Now: Meuwlys’ Smokey Sandwich is raising funds for charity

A month-long smoked meat sandwich special for a great cause

Over the past few weeks, the Edmonton Fire Department has been notified on more than one occasion of a potential structure fire coming from a certain Westmount food market and deli. 

Fortunately for concerned bystanders and food-lovers alike, the plume of smoke routinely pouring from the Meuwly’s chimney is not from a fire, but rather from a mouthwatering mishmash of beechwood-smoked meats. 

To make the most of the mixup, Meuwly’s has decided to feature a selection of smoked meat sandwiches throughout the month of October with $5 from each sandwich sold going toward Firefighter Aid Ukraine. 

Meuwly’s hopes to raise a total of $5,000 which, judging from the recent responses to its Instagram announcement, should happen rather quickly.