ICYMI: Crimes against Canadian ranchers, baby formula shortages, and more

Here are five food stories you might have missed this week

Without a doubt, the biggest story in Canadian food news this week was the announcement that the Michelin Guide will finally be coming to Canada, but since we’ve already covered that news elsewhere, here’s what else went down over the past seven days. 

From how the baby shortage that inspired many misguided Americans to make homemade formula is now affecting Canadians to predatorial scam culture plaguing Canada’s livestock industry, to an iconic Vancouver brewery opening a new location in Calgary, here are five food stories you might have missed this week.

Crimes against ranchers

As if things weren’t dire enough for Canadian ranchers following last summer’s drought and winter’s supply chain issues, it seems as though the desperate need for livestock feed has also led to a surge in scams. According to an Alberta RCMP livestock investigation unit, some farmers have lost upward of $50,000 in fraudulent checks for cattle feed alone. 

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U.S. baby formula shortage hits Canada

The highly publicized baby formula shortage that has been causing major problems in the U.S. has unfortunately made its way to Canada. The supply shortage, which seems to have been caused by a combination of supply chain issues and a recent product recall, has already begun to affect most major Canadian retailers.  

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Are grocers really price gouging?

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh recently called out Canada’s major grocery chains who, according to Singh, have been raising prices despite reporting record profits. Although experts have confirmed that profit margins have indeed been climbing, they also say that the issue has yet to reach the point of profiteering that Singh has suggested. 

Head to Global News for a full breakdown.

Cooking oil shortage could cause higher restaurant prices

Cooking oil prices have been climbing due to climate and supply chain-related shortages and, like most industries, the shortage is expected to cause price increases at the grocery store. And though the rising costs will certainly affect Canadian home chefs, some experts say this shortage will likely hit restaurants the hardest, and by extension, restaurant diners. 

Dalhousie University’s Sylvain Charlebois has stated that Canada will be looking to combat the shortage by using canola oil as a “bumper crop”, but that due to dry weather, the outlook is currently rather grim. 

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Vancouver’s 33 Acres Brewing expands to Calgary

Vancouver’s acclaimed 33 Acres Brewing recently opened the doors to a new taproom in Calgary’s Beltline neighbourhood. The brewery will be offering up an extensive array of craft beer on tap, along with a meal program courtesy of Craft Beer Market's Central Taps. 

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