Korean Cultural Centre Canada issues K-Food sauce challenge

The search for the next viral Korean sauce kicks off across Canada on September 23

After the immense success of the worldwide viral collaboration between McDonalds and K-Pop supergroup BTS, Korean Cultural Center Canada launched a new nationwide competition this week in search of the next big Korean-inspired sauce. 

Similar to the BTS Korean Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces from the McDonalds collaboration, the K-Food Sauce Contest challenges Canadians to develop a unique and delicious sauce using Korean fermented sauces. 

From September 23 to October 7, aspiring sauciers are encouraged to upload their sauce along with a recipe and pairing food to either the Korean Cultural Center Canada website or to social media.

The top three contestants as well as the best social media video will be announced on October 11 with $1,000 going to the overall winner, $500 for second place, $300 for third place, and $200 and a selection of souvenirs awarded for the best social media video.  

More information about the K-Food Sauce Contest can be found online.