KFC Canada makes fun of McDonald's new Chicken Big Mac

Did a hilarious social media post start a feud between fast-food giants?

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As often as the world can feel heavy these days, especially through social media streams, it's always nice to get a little fluff in one's feed.

McDonald's Canada has been teasing the new Chicken Big Mac for the past little while and it finally made its debut today. Plenty of Canadians have likely flocked (pardon the pun) to their local Mickey D's to get a taste, but an unexpected entity did too: KFC Canada.


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"There, we fixed it," wrote the fried chicken giant in a post on its official Instagram and Twitter earlier today.

What followed was a (seemingly playful?) exchange between the two brands that ended with a proposed taste test by KFC.

The conspiracy theorists in us wonder if two of the world's biggest fast-food brands collaborated on this playful social post, but who's to know. It is hilarious nonetheless!

Ronald McDonald could not be reached for comment.