Moosemeat & Marmalade season 5 premieres February 11 on APTN

Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes embark on a new set of off-the-grid adventures

Since debuting on APTN in 2015, Moosemeat & Marmalade co-hosts Art Napoleon and Dan Hayes have traversed the globe in search of the world's seldom-seen culinary communities, providing viewers with an authentic exploration into the relationship between Indigenous food culture, traditional cooking methods, and modern culinary techniques. 

On February 11, Napoleon, an experienced hunter, cultural activist, and adventurous outdoor cook, and Hayes, chef and owner of The London Chef in Victoria, will embark on a new journey, taking viewers on a culinary adventure through unique and under-explored communities in Canada, Ireland, and Wales. Much like previous seasons, the inquisitive co-hosts will seek out a variety of Indigenous cooking styles and cultures at each location, blending them with modern techniques throughout the 13-episode series. 

“Over the past five years we’ve journeyed around the world on incredible culinary adventures,” Napoleon explains. “We can’t wait to take our loyal fans on another epic adventure through some of our favourite places to date and to introduce them to new recipes, flavours, and cooking techniques along the way.” 

Fans of the popular docuseries can also look forward to an intriguing examination of important trending food topics such as sustainability, importance of food security, preservation of sacred food and cultural traditions, and much more. 

“In a year when many of us have been spending more time at home than ever, we’re excited to share an authentic glimpse into the people, culture and traditions of some of the most unique communities in Canada and Ireland, while also exploring topics that are incredibly important to us–from ethical and sustainable food sourcing to exploring Indigenous food sovereignty and of course, celebrating the local food traditions everywhere we go.”

Moosemeat & Marmalade season five premieres on APTN on February 11 and will also feature a correlating web series entitled Circling Back, a nostalgic look through the previous seasons of the show.