New docuseries Table Setting explores Canada’s cultural identity

Four chefs from across the country offer unique perspectives on Canadian cuisine

Image of The Paisley Notebook pop-up via Facebook

An interesting new docuseries from Destination Canada was recently released that explores Canada’s diverse cultural identity through the eyes of four Canadian chefs from across the country.

Table Setting is a fascinating four-part series featuring Kelowna chef Aman Dosanj, Saskatchewan chef Jenni Lessard, Montreal chef Paul Toussaint, and P.E.I. chef Jason Kun. Each episode showcases one of the four chef’s regional food scenes, but goes far beyond just the food that ends up on our plates.

Serving almost as a love letter to both their local landscapes and producers, farmers, and families who lay the foundation for the chefs to create, Table Setting shows us exactly why the chefs are so passionate about what they do, and reminds us of how lucky we are to have a culinary community that cares so deeply about bringing us together through food.

Destination Canada’s new Table Setting docuseries is now available to watch in full on YouTube.