New short film Roundup captures the beauty of B.C.’s Sunset Prairie corral

Mesmerizing visual patterns frame an evocative contemplation of the relationship between farmers, animals, landscape and architecture

Earlier this month, renowned Canadian filmmaker Nettie Wild released her latest short film, Roundup, documenting and depicting B.C.’s Sunset Prairie corral’s annual herding event in a series of captivating and visually-striking scenes that contemplate the relationship between humans, animals, landscape, and architecture. 

Roundup showcases a gathering of 20 farm families, who assemble every fall to herd thousands of cows into their communal circular corral near Dawson Creek. Wild, who had previously been mesmerized by the puzzling and complex beauty of the circling herd, says the circular corral is unlike any other in Canada. 

WATCH: Nettie Wild's Roundup