One Day in Montreal: actor and producer Michael Musi

The co-creator of CBC's Something Undone dishes on his favourite spots in Montreal

It’s no secret that film and food have always been intrinsically connected, but one facet of the age-old relationship that is often-overlooked is the art of food foley. And while the utilization of food to reproduce familiar sound effects that enhance the auditory experience of media usually only takes place behind the scenes, in CBC’s new digital series Something Undone, the artform takes centre stage.

Starring Madison Walsh (Mrs. America, The Expanse) and Kim’s Convenience actor Michael MusiSomething Undone is a six-part web series–which was also written and produced by the duo–that tells the tale of a pair of true crime podcast hosts who use food foley to accentuate the gruesome scenes that take place during their episodes. 

After Walsh’s character heads back to her hometown to manage the effects of her recently-deceased mother, strange and disturbing events proceed to take place that take the two down an unusual and often-eerie path.


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We recently had a chance to chat with Musi following the web series’ launch on CBC Gem on March 26, who filled us in on his favourite places to eat and drink in Montreal when he’s not busy acting, writing, or producing.



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I hate committing to a whole plate of food because I always want everything on the menu. I love love love Larrys in The Plateau. At Larrys, their breakfast (lunch and dinner too!) is tapas style which makes me very happy. I love having a little of a lot. Standout dish is definitely their mushrooms. They fry them one million times in butter and I think about them more than I care to admit.


My family lives in Laval, so when we go out for lunch, we always go to Vieux Grec. It’s just some of the simplest and best Greek food around. They’re always busy which means their gyros are always super fresh and tender.

We usually show up with four bottles of wine and get day drunk and eat until we feel sick. There’s no better nap then a post-Vieux Grec nap.


Montreal is the best food city in North America. I’ve said it. I’ve lived in NYC and Toronto and ate my way across this continent and it’s just the truth. Don’t @ me.

One of my favourite places to eat dinner is Maison Publique. Oh mama, its so so so good. Every time I go, I try something new that blows my mind. I also just love the vibe. It’s the perfect spot to glug funky wine and eat rich, fatty food that Quebec is known for.


I love ending my nights at Atwater Cocktail Club. Delicious, smokey cocktails and a hip/sexy vibe in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the city.

Also, if you get a second wind, you can order a burger and fries from Foiegwa (connecting restaurant) so that’s a big win.