Segovia announces first monthly Pintxo Party in Winnipeg

Segovia’s Pintxo Parties will feature multi-course menus from a rotating panel of the restaurant’s up-and-coming chefs

Earlier this month, Winnipeg institution Segovia announced the first in a series of pintxo parties in collaboration with Ellement Wine and Spirits, showcasing tapas from a rotating panel of the restaurant's up-and-coming chefs.  

Inspired by Ellement Wines’ monthly wine parties, each of which feature a different chef who doesn't run a kitchen of their own, Segovia’s Pintxo Party will offer guests roughly seven courses of pintxo dishes with accompanying flights of wine and dessert.

“We wanted to do a pintxo party once a month to give our younger chefs a chance to make their own pintxos and express themselves a bit,” says owner and chef Adam Donnelly. “We will be serving around seven different pintxos plus a couple of desserts as well. We are really looking forward to this evening. It should be really fun.”


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A pintxo, a take on the Spanish word “pincho”, is traditionally pierced to a piece of bread with a cocktail stick, but as the cuisine has evolved, so have the ways in which the classic offering has been interpreted.

Segovia’s first monthly Pintxo Party takes place on March 1 at 8:30 p.m. No reservations are required and the restaurant’s regular tapas menu will be available throughout the night.