Vancouver’s Potluck Hawker Eatery debuts unique seafood boil for Mother's Day

A Southeast Asian spin on a classic seafood dinner in honour of chef Justin Cheung’s mom

Photos by Rich Won

Mother’s Day is just two weeks away and to celebrate the occasion, Vancouver’s popular Potluck Hawker Eatery just announced an indulgent take-out special that is sure to satisfy even the most insatiable of seafood enthusiasts.

The Mama Cheung’s Seafood Boil includes a wide selection of locally-sourced seafood offerings, including a whole Dungeness crab, a pound of Totten Inlet mussels, a pound of Manila clams, and a smattering of prawns, all cooked in a rich aromatic coconut lemongrass curry.

Consider it a laksa (of sorts) of epic proportions. Sounds delicious to me!

“Our popular laksa is based off of my mom’s personal recipe, and as an ode to my mom, I wanted to create something extra special for a family to enjoy together,” explains Potluck chef and owner Justin Cheung. “This seafood boil is truly the ‘mother of all potlucks’ and great for a household. I especially enjoy it with some noodles or bread and made sure both are included. Let’s celebrate all moms in style this year.”

The take-out package also comes with a selection of sides such as longanisa sausage, fingerling potatoes, and Fife Bakery’s Japanese-style milk bread, and more, along with beverage pairings and a green Thai jasmine tea-infused treat made with green puffed rice flakes and condensed milk marshmallows for dessert.

The Mama Cheung’s Seafood Boil is priced at $298 and can be pre-ordered online for pick-up from May 7 to May 9. Additional add-ons are available upon request.