The comprehensive cocktail guide to the 2020 "Shake, Stir and Strainbow!" campaign

Where to find 50 Pride-themed cocktails across Alberta in support of Skipping Stone Foundation

Vendome's candy-garnished Pride Paloma is one cocktail of many helping to support Skipping Stone Foundation this month.

Is it just us or do summer drinks taste even more refreshing when there's a great cause involved? We thought so.

From Aug. 7 to Aug. 28, 50 Alberta restaurants and bars will be serving up interesting cocktails to help raise awareness and funds for the province-wide charity Skipping Stone Foundation. With creations from a wide variety of notable spots such as everyone's favourite pub, The Ship and Anchor, to buzzworthy eateries like Ten Foot Henry, Lulu Bar and more, here's your definitive guide to the 2020 Shake, Stir & Strainbow fundraiser cocktail campaign!

Participating establishments

Allora - Pride Passion

Alloy - Paloma Makary

Alumni - Okanagan Burn (offered as a cocktail kit, pictured below)

Annabelle's Kitchen - Bella Stellina

Annabelle's Kitchen Downtown - Bella Stellina

Bar Patricia - Drink TBD 

Bar Modern - The Chosen One

The Beltliner - The Beltliner Iced Tea

Blue Star Diner - Spicy Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita

Bookers - Watermelon Crawl

Bridgette Bar - The "NPH"

Calcutta Cricket Club - Drink TBD

Cannibale - Cactus Juice (pictured below)

Cartago Edmonton - Dancing Queen 2.0

Central Social Hall (Edmonton) - The Sage Advice

Chairman's Steakhouse - Chairman's Flamingo

Civic Tavern - Orange Margarita

The Coup - The Fire I've Become

Dandy Brewing Co. - I'm Still Standing

Deane House - Let's Kiki in the Garden (pictured below)

The Derrick - Nano Lono

Donna Mac - Paradise Garage

Free House - Liza Lemonade

Hy's Steakhouse - Free to Love

Infinity Ultra Lounge - Drink TBD

Lulu Bar - Venus

MEAT Restaurant (Edmonton) - Dead of the Night

Modern Steak - The Chosen One

Native Tongues - Mask 4 Mask (pictured below)

NTNL 10 - Purple Slurpee

NTNL 17 - Purple Slurpee

Paper Lantern - Purple Rain

Posto Pizzeria and Bar - Botanist Cream Fizz

Proof - Greenwich Greats (pictured below)

Ricardo's - Blue Hawaiian

River Cafe - Prince's Pride

Shelter - The Deep End

Starbelly - Starbelly Alexander

Tapas Restaurant (Canmore) - Sweet Tart

Ten Foot Henry - The Second Sip

The Ship and Anchor - Orange Crush

Township - Blue Abyss

Twisted Element - Twisted Creamsicle

Untitled Champagne Lounge - Nano Lono

Vendome Cafe - Pride Paloma

Vintage Chophouse - Como Uno

Waalflower - The Laverne "Coxtail"

Yellow Door Bistro (and poolside at Hotel Arts) - Love is Love