The Courtney Room debuts signature whisky made by Stillhead Distillery

A new bespoke whisky to try on Vancouver Island

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From two celebrated Vancouver-Island-based businesses The Courtney Room and Stillhead Distillery comes Canada's newest small-batch whisky release, The Courtney Room's Bartender's Cask.

Canadian whisky collectors are going to have to physically travel to Vancouver Island and pop into the Magnolia Hotel & Spa—where The Courtney Room is located—to either have a taste or buy a bottle of this new, bespoke whisky. For now is only available at the award-winning restaurant for its bar and dining room patrons or hotel guests. The whisky can be bought in 375 mL bottles (in-room only), ordered by the ounce at the bar, or experienced in feature cocktails such as the TCR Bartender’s Cask Boulevardier (Bartender’s Cask Whisky, Campari, Esquimalt Wine Co. Sweet Vermouth, orange oil).

“It was a pleasure to work with Anton and the team at The Courtney Room to create a distinct Signature Blend that we are all really proud of,” said Stillhead Distillery owner Brennan Colebank in today's announcement. “The calibre and talent behind the bar at The Courtney Room paired with our experience and innovation in crafting internationally award-winning spirits, embodying the essence of Vancouver Island, makes a beautiful blend.”

Made with a proprietary belnd of 100% BC rye, corn and malt, and finished in new Hungarian oak barrels, the whisky is said to boast "light notes of fruit from local wine casks, as well as black pepper and lemongrass" when sipped.

Bottles of The Courtney Room’s Bartender’s Cask can be purchased by Magnolia Hotel & Spa guests via their in-room mini bar.

The Courtney Room is located at 619 Courtney Street, inside the Magnolia Hotel & Spa, and open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.