Dissecting Top Chef Canada and talking corporate chef life with Matthew Stowe

Writer Carmen Cheng adds a new dynamic to the Top Chef Canada discussions on our podcast

Before podcast co-hosts Phil Wilson and Dan Clapson dive into all things Top Chef Canada Season 9, they are joined by one of the top-performing chefs in the history of the franchise, Vancouver's Matthew Stowe.

Stowe currently helps run the culinary program for JOEY Restaurants and chats a bit about the chain's expansion in the United States where they are seeing great success. From there, he talks a bit about his time on Top Chef Canada and provides a few tips for future competitors be named Canada's Top Chef just as he was back in 2013 on the show's third season.

Food writer Carmen Cheng joins Wilson and Clapson to dissect the latest episode of Season 9 as well as explore how the show could continue to be more diverse by considering an update to its judging panel.

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