Eat This Now Calgary: Fonda Fora's beets con mole verde

A bright and bold use of root vegetables

Photo by Dong Kim.

The early portion of spring is a strange time of year when the weather calls for brighter fare, but nothing's begun to grow just yet. Even cellared root vegetables are dwindling, meaning that chefs across Canada are just as eager for in-season ingredients as patrons are.

While Calgary's premier contemporary Mexican restaurant Fonda Fora is likely gearing up to refresh its menu in the coming weeks, its current take on golden beets is a great example of utilizing winter vegetables in a fresh—and dare we say "spring-ish"—kind of way.


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Sauteed golden beets, are tossed in a brown butter honey glaze and placed on top of a vibrant ;mole verde, finished with shaved almonds, fresh mint and dots of whipped queso. It's truly a lovely mix of colours and textures.

Forking into this dish on a sunny day sitting by one of the Fonda Fora's many windows will remind you that warmer weather is most certainly on its way.

Fonda Fora is located at 630 4 Ave S.W. and is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.