Meet the Canadian competitors on the new season of Firemasters

The grilling-focused competition series returns April 16 with 45 new chef competitors

After a successful first season, the outdoor barbecuing competition series Firemasters will return to Food Network Canada next week with a new line-up of competitors. The 15-episode season will feature a total of 45 chefs from across North America (including Mexico City and Panama City), but the majority of competitors hail from Canada.

Host Dylan Benoit returns along with many familiar faces on the rotating judging panel, such as Nicole Gomes, Amy Mills, and Andrea Nicholson. In each episode, three competing chefs are put through a series of cooking challenges and when only one chef remains, they must cook against a member of the judging panel for a chance to win $10,000. It's akin to the popular American production Beat Bobby Flay, but done outside and sans-Flay.


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Milton Rebello of Regina's Skye Bistro, Edmonton chefs Doreen Prei and Paul Shufelt, chef-owner of Workshop Eatery, Winnipeg's Calvin Truong are just a handful of the many Canadian chefs who will compete in the second season, which kicks off next Thursday night (April 16) at 10 p.m. (ET). A full list of competitors is available on the Food Network Canada.

Fire Masters is produced by Architect Films, a Toronto-based production company that has created other culinary cometition shows such as Sugar Showdown and Donut Showdown.

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