New Steam Whistle 5L party kegs now available across Canada

A mini beer keg for all your outdoor partying needs

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With the snow (mostly) melted away and temperatures on the rise, backyard entertaining in Canada feels almost within reach.

Naturally, outdoor gatherings call for libations, and spring is a time of year where many brands debut interesting, new products. This month, long-standing Toronto brewery Steam Whistle has started rolling out a brand-new five litre party keg.

The colourfully-designed keg can now be found in a variety of locations in Quebec as well as LCBOs across Ontario, the brewery's onsite retail store and online store—which offers delivery within Southern Ontario.

In BC, Angry Otter Liquor Stores and other select liquor retailers should now have the party kegs, and a variety of grocery liquor stores and private retailers across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are soon to follow.
On the east coast, ANBL store in New Brunswick now stock the keg and folks in Newfoundland can expect them on store shelves by June.

Prices will vary between provinces and liquor stores, but in Ontario, the standard retail price for the Steam Whistle 5L party keg is $34.95.