One Day in Burlington: Gianni and Sarah from Walk Off The Earth

Gianni and Sarah from Juno Award-winning band Walk Off The Earth share their favourite food and drink spots in Burlington

With almost two decades of international success, billions of online streams, and a colossal collection of critically acclaimed productions, Burlington-based group Walk Off the Earth has without a doubt become one of Canada’s most beloved bands. 

Yet despite their substantial body of work, Walk Off the Earth never fails to create new material that pushes the boundaries of what an artist can and can’t do. In addition to their multi-platinum musical portfolio, the band is also behind the viral food discovery series Romeo Eats and are currently working on an NFT project to fund an animated film.

As fervent food lovers who are up for two more Juno Award-nominations this upcoming weekend, we thought it would be a perfect time to chat with band members Gianni and Sarah about their favourite food and drink spots in their hometown.


A new spot called Benedict Eatery in downtown Burlington. It’s a “ma and pop” run shop that makes delish food! It’s a cute spot you have to try it out! 


Our go-to spot for lunch is usually Dill Pickle Wraps. We like it because sometimes we want to skip the bread! They have great options, you can get a sandwich made out of a giant pickle! Their ingredients are always super fresh too. 



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A great dinner spot is ELeVATOR Bistro. We love it because there is a new menu every week and lots of friendly faces around. It’s a great atmosphere and the food is incredible. 


The Dickens Pub is a classic spot. They have great live music and I’ve had lots of nostalgic blurry nights.

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