One Day in Saskatoon: Earl Pereira of The Steadies

The recording artist's favourite spots in Saskatoon

Photo by Kate Matthews
Photo by Kate Matthews

After breaking into the Canadian music scene with Juno Award-nominated band Wide Mouth Mason, Saskatoon-based musician Earl Pereira parted ways with the band he co-founded to focus on his own band, The Steadies

Since then, that decision has paid dividends and The Steadies have gone on to release a slew of critically acclaimed productions, with the latest coming in the form of an interconnected three-part EP series titled TRIKETRA

Since TRIKETRA: Mind has been playing on repeat at Eat North HQ and TRIKETRA: Body due out in the very near future, we thought it would be a perfect time to chat with talented Steadies frontman about the places he frequently revisits in his hometown of Saskatoon.


The Berry Barn is a local fave for many reasons. The first being that it is located on a gorgeous 15-minute drive from the city near my favourite beach (yes we have amazing white sand beaches), Poplar Bluffs. The second, the aesthetics; specifically a giant rustic red barn with a homestead feel and a view of our South Saskatchewan River.

The third reason is all the fun things you can do while you wait for your table, from picking our famous Saskatoon berries, shopping at the outdoor market, taking a walk through the massive greenhouses, or just sitting on the beach. Lastly, the food! A Ukrainian brunch made up of homemade perogies and farmer's sausage (the best you’ll ever taste) and a homemade gigantic Belgian waffle that requires a trip to the waffle bar to add your fave toppings of berries, peaches, whipped cream, and vanilla or chocolate sauces. Yum!



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Saskatoon has a surprisingly advanced culinary scene, so choosing the best restaurants is tough. I would have to say Red Pepper for the best Vietnamese cuisine in the heart of downtown. Although they’ve upped their décor game, you’re really only going there for delicious food and it’s cheap!

For under $10, you can get a large gourmet noodle bowl with your choice of meat and includes the best spring roll I’ve ever had. Or you could get a lunch combo consisting of a Bahn Mi, one roll, and a Wonton soup. The owner Tan is also a closet musician, so he knows that us road warriors only have so much money for a great meal out. My favourite dish is the coconut curry bowl, with chicken, veggies and deep-fried tofu on rice. It’s “ridonkulous”!


If Oprah Winfrey says it’s the best Italian in Canada, who am I to argue? Taverna’s Italian Kitchen is one of the oldest standing restaurants in the city and for good reason. They use nothing but fresh ingredients in every meal, in-house made pasta, and it even has a new modern design to keep up with the times.

Their carbonara and lasagna rivals those I’ve had in Tuscany, and if you’re lucky they will have homemade tiramisu on hand. The owner Taso will also make his rounds with complimentary shots of limoncello on most nights. Maybe you have to be a local rockstar to get those though!



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My favourite place for cocktails is around the corner at the Flint Saloon. The Cremesicle is served in a giant jar with the actual classic orange ice crème bar dunked on top. Their martinis are also on point—my favourite being the West Indies featuring Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum, Kaluha, Frangelico, and espresso vodka yum. They also serve the best Pimm’s Cup I’ve ever had anywhere.

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