One day in Saskatoon: singer Leslie Stanwyck of Tucker Lane

The lead singer of Tucker Lane dishes on her favourite spots in Saskatoon

If you’ve followed Canada’s music scene in any capacity over the past 30 years, there’s a very good chance you’ve come across the musical stylings of Saskatoon-based singer Leslie Stanwyck

Since 1988, Stanwyck and husband Johnny Sinclair have contributed to some of the country’s most memorable musical acts, including internationally-acclaimed Toronto band The Pursuit of Happiness, power pop band Universal Honey, and more recently, the award-winning country group Tucker Lane.

After receiving widespread acclaim for their debut album in 2015, the group released their sophomore record in fall 2020, and despite not being able to tour due to COVID-19 restrictions, the enigmatically titled Random Fireworks on Beach Obscured by Trees has generated plenty of buzz from listeners and industry professionals alike.  

When the band isn't immersed in rehearsals or music composition, you might find them enjoying a tasty meal or a refreshing drink in one of their favourite spots in Saskatoon.


A friend of ours just opened OEB here in Saskatoon, which is farm-to-table breakfast and lunch. It’s a great setting at River Landing with big windows that overlook the river. Our fave dish is Soul in a Bowl (breakfast poutine). And there’s an amazing crepe dish called Do Not Even Go There.

We also love going to the Park Café for eggs Benny. It’s on 20th Street West, and it’s like an old prairie café, complete with homemade pies and milkshakes. It’s fun and loud and they have good coffee. 



There is a lot of really great Vietnamese food in Saskatoon. One of our favourites is Minh’s Garden on 51st Street. The décor is nothing special, but the specials are extra special. The noodle bowls are great, and our son loves wonton soup. Another great lunch spot is Una Pizza on Broadway. Not far from there is Amigo’s Cantina, which has great Mexican food and great live entertainment at night. It’s been in business for over 20 years.


There is a great New Orleans-style restaurant on 2nd Avenue called Bon Temps that serves yummy Cajun food. It’s warm and inviting with a big city feel and is really loud and full of a great energy. The gumbo is great, as well as the blackened chicken and all your Cajun favorites like chicken and waffles. They also have an eclectic mix of live entertainment.


There are a lot of great bars in Saskatoon and great friends to have a drink with. We haven’t had drinks in all of them, but most of them. 

Bon Temps has a comfy bar to sit at and awesome beers. The bartenders are super friendly and it’s usually loud, busy and a fun place to be on a Friday evening. We like to support live music so some of our favourite places have bands like Bud’s on Broadway, The Capitol or Somewhere Else Pub. All those clubs have great seating or stand up for easy mingling.   

Listen: Paper Wings by Tucker Lane