One day in Calgary: Autumn Hill's Tareya Green

Autumn Hill band Canada
photo of Tareya Green and bandmate, Mike Robins courtesy of Matt Barnes.

"I don't get back [to Clagary] as often as I'd like to be. This is my first time back for a really long visit and I'll be here for about a month. It's the first time I've been back for this long in close to five years," says Tareya Green, one half of the Juno-nominated country duo, Autumn Hill.

Green, who studied at the Southern Alberta Institue of Technology and previously worked as a web designer for a variety of businesses and musicians can see the change in the city's food scene since she departed, but when she's home, she sticks to her favourites. Since moving to Toronto in 2012 and joining forces with her musical other half, Mike Robins, the singers have written in Nashville with some of the industry's top songwriters and received their second Juno nomination earlier this year. We'll find out if Autumn Hill takes the Country Album of the Year award this Sunday in Calgary.

When asked what is one thing about this year's Juno Awards host city that people out east might not know, Green says, "I would say that the people in Calgary are incredible. They are so friendly.That and the weather. Bring everything! Pack tank tops, bathing suits, parkas--it can all happen in one day! Ha, ha, ha."

Here are Tareya Green's favourite places to eat in her hometown of Calgary.


I would say Vendome Cafe is probably my favourite place to go. I was just there this morning, actually! The food is delicious and I love the feel of the cafe itself. It's nice and bright, there are big windows and the food is actually relatively healthy, which is nice for a brunch.


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I have to go with Una. We usually get the 4-maggi, but we always add some arugula and a side of truffle oil. Una has the most delicious little cheesecakes that they serve in mason jars. 


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You know what restaurant I absolutely love? Boxwood. It's delicious and it is so cute too, just on its own little plot of grass in the park downtown.


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Drinks and dessert

I'm not much of a drinker, so I'm not the best person to ask about that, but I have to say that, again, Una has the most delicious little cheesecakes. Oh my gosh, I could eat 12 of those things!


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Autumn Hill's latest single, "Mixed Tape"