One Day in Calgary: singer Kate Stevens

The award-winning singer's favourite spots in Calgary

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The soulful singer that is Kate Stevens has been captivating audiences in Calgary and beyond since a very young age. If you need some proof, give her latest single "Love Me" a spin and let yourself be whisked away by her enchanting voice.

Even though she is only in her early twenties, Stevens has already amassed plenty of accolades—including a recent YYC Music Award for Solo Artist of The Year—for her ever-growing catalogue of music as well as for choosing to put her energy into connecting with and mentoring a new wave of young musicians. A self-proclaimed "friendly but firm advocate" for Calgary's Music Mile, she hopes to help Calgarians understand that a city without live music, musicians or venues will never feel like a community.

When she's not performing or advocating for local music, here's where Kate Stevens loves to eat and drink around her hometown of Calgary.


My favourite place for breakfast is Galaxie diner. I adore breakfast, it’s always been my favorite and Galaxie Diner has the best all day breakfast in the city. It’s perfectly nostalgic, if I could have a last meal it would be one of their milkshakes and hashbrowns.

Plus, with the hours I work, thank god the breakfast and perfect diner coffee is served all day.


[Over the summer], I practically lived at Citizen Brewery. It’s a great spot to catch up with friends and make new ones.

The burger and chicken sandwich are to die for, and if you’re there, you have to try the nachos. Pair lunch with one of their session ales, it makes for a perfect patio lunch.



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You can find me at the Ironwood for dinner. Chowing down on their Stage Fright chicken sandwich, an appetizer like the calamari or literally the best poutine in the city.

The Ironwood is like a second home for me, I’ve performed there so many times and the food, staff and Pat are always incredible. The food pairs well with the live music that happens almost every single night of the week, find your next favorite star on this iconic stage at The Ironwood.


I’ve got two spots for drinks. My first is the tried-and-true Ship and Anchor. The Ship is a local haunt for all Calgary creatives, I always see someone I know and end up catching up with them. My drink of choice is a PBR with a little bit of orange juice in her—basically a beer mimosa.

My favourite drink spot for when I want to feel a little classy and flirty is Proof. It is the best cocktail bar.

Here, the menus are crafted almost like storybooks, where you can choose your drink based on the genre of your choice. My favourite drink is the Little Nancy. She's a little spicy, a little smokey and a touch of sweetness. They’ve got some late night eats to satiate any cravings you might have too.

Listen: Kate Stevens - Love Me (Official Audio)