One day in Dartmouth: MasterChef Canada's Andy Hay

The owner of Andy's East Coast Kitchen on his favourite places in Nova Scotia

Andy Hay is a dad, chef and content creator living in Nova Scotia. After competing in MasterChef Canada season 5, Andy left his career in tech to pursue a career in food and has since gained quite the reputation on the East Coast.

Through his boutique catering company, Hay has served food to a wide range of people from Haligonians to the prime minister. The onset of the pandemic saw the passionate chef launch a popular Instagram video series called The East Coast Quarantine Kitchen where he cooked and developed recipes every day for 100 days. Now that is impressive!

Hay's business now operates completely online, but he's currently back in competition mode for MasterChef Canada: Back to Win, which is airing Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.


Two If By Sea Cafe is one of the OGs of the downtown Dartmouth food scene. A cafe and pizza shop, TIBS as we call it, is awesome. Come for the vibe and stay for the biggest and most buttery croissant of your life. Seriously… get the croissant!


[Order the number 15 at] Pho Hoang Minh Restaurant, it is easily one of the city's greatest dishes. The owners are some of the hardest working people I have ever met and they are so incredibly lovely. One of my favourite restaurants in the world!


The Canteen is a Dartmouth institution for a good reason. The Canteen, more specifically chef Renee Lavelle, put Dartmouth on the map. A family-run restaurant that nails the classics. Chowder, Crobster roll, burgers, it's always awesome.

Ordering in? Want to stay home and order in? Treat yourself to R&B Kitchen. Incredible soul food that is beyond delicious. Stick to your ribs, kinda food. Ribs, chicken, mac and cheese, and arguably one of the best cheesecakes going. One thing is for sure, you will not be left hungry after eating your order from R&B. Get the BBQ chicken. You won't be disappointed.



Dear Friend is a new cocktail bar run by an amazing duo who are great friends of mine. Beyond having crazy tasty and innovative cocktails, the vibe is near perfect. Everything is thought through. Their snack program is exciting and incredible as well. You never know what chef Brad George is going to sling out of his tiny kitchen. Always full of flavour and made to pair perfectly with cocktails.