One Day in LA: Wes Marskell of The Darcys

One half of duo, The Darcys Wes' favourite food and drink spots in LA

After years of providing listeners with a critically-acclaimed catalogue of music that continues to transcend both traditional genres and mainstream culture, The Darcys duo Wes Marskell and Jason Couse recently redefined themselves yet again with the release of their latest single, “Running For The Hills”. 

Inspired by their latest move from Toronto to sunny California, The Darcys newest creative endeavour fuses the familiar sounds of radio-friendly pop with the gritty accent of alternative rock, while incorporating a hopeful lyrical tone that mirrors the pair’s affinity for fearlessly embarking into uncharted territories. 

Despite relocating to Los Angeles, The Darcys are as proud to be Canadian-born as Canada is to claim the rock duo as its own. We recently had a chance to catch up with Marskell, who provided a few food and beverage recommendations for fellow Canadians that might also be heading south sometime soon.



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If I’m getting my way on the weekend it’s Dayglo Coffee on the way to Homestate. Dayglo was the first coffee shop I truly fell in love with after moving to LA and anytime they have Little Wolf beans I’m buying every bag. They have a cute patio out back and their pink painted everything makes me feel happy inside.

As for Homestate, breakfast, lunch, dinner, anytime is a good time for Homestate tacos. For breakfast the Blanco and Trinity are classics, but I usually add a Chicken or two because it’s my favourite Chicken taco on the planet. Homestate makes their tortillas in house and I suggest buying a bag of the flour ones to go. 



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I try to run 15-20km every Sunday at the beach, which I pretend is for my overall health and fitness, but is really just so I can be close to Bay Cities. I don’t exactly know what makes these sandwiches so magical, but they truly are the best I’ve ever had. They’re known for The Godmother (which I’ve never actually had) but Turkey is supreme in my books.

No matter what you get, get it with “the works.” Their sides are bananas too, so go nuts. Coleslaw and pasta salad have become my go-tos but you could get something different every time and never run out of options. 



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If you can get a table at Bestia, or end up at Night + Market Song you’re doing something right, but Kismet has stolen my heart. They’re serving dishes meant to be shared (so bring your pals) from Israel, Turkey, Iran and others. Even the carrots were incredible. The Carrots! The eggplant, a food I order anytime I see it on a menu, was incredible. The atmosphere is fun and the food is elegant. If my parents were to visit, this is the first place I would take them. 


Fun fact, I have been trying to find a pint of Guinness for months, and have yet to find a single place in East LA that pours one. Another interesting fact is that LA isn’t a drinks city the way Toronto is a drinks city. People meet for lunch and are home by 8pm. There’s a driving culture here, so you don’t have those late-night-fall-asleep-on-the-subway-with-a-shawarma-in-your-pocket kinda nights the same way you do in Toronto.

If I want something simple, it’s Hyperion Pub. Lots of weird seating options and outdoor walk up bar that makes it low impact and fun. For that Natty wine that Jason loves so much, it’s probably Covell or Tilda but I would just as easily grab some bottles from Psychic Wines and drink them in the backyard. You can also buy 2 liters of gin from Costco for $20 if that’s useful information to you.

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