One day in Peace River: country music duo, Midnight Lights

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Working with their other half might be impossible for some people, but not for Katie and Jason Leussink. The duo from Peace River, Alberta, together as Midnight Lights, is considered one of Alberta’s top rising country acts and their debut EP, Elements, has earned them a spot in Project WILD artist development program. The duo has toured across Canada with country artist Tenille, and opened for some of Canada’s best artists, including Dean Brody and Crystal Shawanda.

Midnight Lights will be at Knoxville's in Calgary this Thursday, October 27, 2016 as a part of Project WILD: Concert Series Showcase.

Here's where they go to grab a bite in Peace River, AB.


Riggers Dining is a quaint little restaurant run by a husband-and-wife [team]. Gather up all your buds and sit at the big round table. We like the French toast and French fries, or a combination of the two.



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Kita North. It’s the most authentic Asian cuisine this far north, including sushi! We’ve not tried the sushi, but been told it’s amazing. We go for pretty much anything smothered in sauce, or the buffet.  


Freson Bros. is our go-to when we want a quick healthy supper. A staple for us is the rotisserie chicken and oven roasted root vegetables. So yummy! Honourable mention goes to their mac ’n’ cheese, and pulled pork.

It’s a small town, and Boston Pizza never lets us down for a late night drink or dessert with friends. Try the apple crisp, you won’t be disappointed.