One Day in Peterborough: country singer Elyse Saunders

The country artist's favourite food and drink spots in Peterborough, Ontario

Whether she was singing at competitions across Ontario as a teen or performing for packed crowds in Nashville prior to the pandemic, it’s always been clear that Elyse Saunders was meant to be a country music star. 

Since dropping her 2021 EP, Free, Saunders has seen her rising star status ascend to new heights, with each track receiving widespread radio play, hundreds of thousands of streams, and more recently, Saunders also earned a pair of nominations for the upcoming CMAO Awards for Album of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

Despite her rapid rise in popularity over the past couple of years, Saunders never fails to show love to her hometown of Peterborough, Ontario, so we decided to ask the talented singer-songwriter to share a few of her favourite food and drink spots. 


My favourite restaurant for a hearty, family-style breakfast is the classic Smitty’s Family Restaurant. I always feel at home when I pop in there for a visit. They also have a huge menu and are known for their big ol’ pancakes! Mmm… I could go for some of those pancakes right about now.


If you’re looking for a beautiful, intimate patio for the summertime season, Silver Bean Café is it. It’s right on the water and feels like you’re having lunch at a cottage oasis. They have a really nice, light lunch menu, all the coffee and if you don’t have time to stop in, it’s a popular spot for ice cream, too.

I’ll get the Avo-Tomato-Mayo sandwich, please! Who doesn’t love a great patio in the summer? This is a must-visit if you’re dropping by my hometown this summer.



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Bar Vita! I’m a huge Italian cuisine fan and have been to my fair share of Italian restaurants but Bar Vita has some of the best dishes I’ve ever had. It’s also a really pretty atmosphere, has lots of great wine, and there’s almost always live music, so all of those are a really nice plus to add to the entire foodie experience!

If you’re a seafood fan, please order my favourite dish, the Seafood Gorgonzola and be prepared to fall in love with Bar Vita.


The Social Pub! If you’re looking to get social, play some pool or other free games and dance the night away, this is the spot! The Social Pub is the place where you can party in your casual wear and have a fishbowl.

It’s also one of the main hometown locations I used to bring my band to, and we’d play their weekend country night! It was always a time and I have so many great memories there. They also have some pretty great pub grub that goes perfectly with some drinks, so you can make a night out of it.

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