One Day in Saskatoon: Sam Corbett of NUTANA and The Sheepdogs

A JUNO Award-winning musician shares his favourite places to dine in Saskatoon

Photo by Mat Dunlap
Photo by Mat Dunlap

A familiar face in the North Ameican rock scene, Sam Corbett is a founding member of JUNO Award-winning band The Sheepdogs and a proud born-and-raised Saskatoonian.

Several months ago, the talented singer-songwriter and drummer released his debut solo album under the artist name NUTANA. The album boasts two dynamic covers and 10 original songs, which were written while Corbett was taking time away from The Sheepdogs to undergo cancer treatment, all while waiting for his first daughter to be born.

With a lively food scene that grows more and more with each passing year, there's plenty of great dining options when it comes to Saskatoon. From one of the city's top coffee shops brimming with cool baked goods to a long-standing cocktail bar, here's where Sam Corbett of NUTANA loves to eat and drink in his hometown.


Sparrow Coffee is one of our favourite coffee shops, and they also have really killer food.

We usually get a citrus cardamom bun—it's like a cinnamon bun—and the breakfast charcuterie plate. 



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Hearth is one of the best restaurants in Saskatoon. They started serving lunch after moving into the Remai Modern Art Museum downtown earlier this year, which has an amazing patio right beside the river. 


Primal has really great pasta for dining in, and they started making Detroit-style pizza over the pandemic for take-out too. Both are excellent, but my favourite thing on the menu is the fried bread. 



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I used to DJ at Flint Saloon years ago before I had to wake up early with my kids in the morning. It's still a fun place to go and grab a Desperado!

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