One day in Toronto: Canada's Drag Race competitor Tynomi Banks

One of Canada's top drag queens on dining in Toronto

A few things you need to know about Tynomi Banks: she's from Ontario, she has the juiciest skin, and she dominates the stage. She’s also no rookie when it comes to drag. With more than a decade of experience under her belt, she has championed more than her fair share of performances and features, and has been making waves in the industry since long before she stepped foot onto the Drag Race set.

Working with a plethora of companies, Tynomi has been at the forefront of many iconic trends, like being first drag entertainer to perform at World Pride, the first drag entertainer to work with Hudson’s Bay Company and finally, the first and only queen to partner with Spotify for a featured playlist. 

Ms. Banks has more than made a name for herself and is currently competing on the inaugural season of Canada's Drag Race. In Tynomi's natural habitat, you can expect to see her impersonating legends like Whitney Houston and Beyoncé, all while coordinating costumes, choreography and dances to a tee.

Taking the drag world by storm isn't easy, but good food makes the hustle a little easier.

"My favourite comfort food memory is my mom bringing Tupperwares of Jamaican food to me in college. People were jealous of me! It's still my go-to comfort food because it's made with love and support and it shows that she cares. I am obsessed with fried plantain and she would also have some rice and peas and curry goat," she says.

When she's not enjoying her mom's homemade Caribbean dishes, here's where the fabulous Tynomi Banks loves to eat and drink around Toronto.



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I love Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie because they have this breakfast poutine. It's so big and it's very French. Like, it's your first meal of the day, so I want to be full. They put hollandaise and cheese curds and they are so amazing because they put the cheese curds throughout the poutine; I hate when they just put it on top. I hate that when [they don't] and they just take away my cheese. It's my comfort food for the whole day.



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Aloette Restaurant has these amazing burgers. I usually have burgers cooked all the way through, but this one is a little pink still and it's so blessed and juicy. I'm thinking about it right now and my lips are just glossed. Their fries are so good with their aioli; you don't even need ketchup.

Their burger is the one. You will scream, it's so good.



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I'm obsessed with Thai food, so the best place I've ever gone is Sukhothai. My favorite thing to do is order the pad thai with shrimp and chicken. It almost has a smokiness to it.



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I haven't been out for so long, girl. It's been three months, but [when I do go out] I go to C'est What! I love a fruity beer like Fruli; it's [basically] strawberry beer. It tastes like strawberry but beer at the same time. It is sweet with a hint of bitterness and I am obsessed.

Another drink I love is Malibu and orange juice. I want to always feel like I'm on vacation, so I always order that. People laugh at me when I go out, because people are like, "What?", but [I think] it gets you just nicely buzzed throughout the night. Plus, you are getting your vitamin C while getting turnt.


Favourite underrated spot


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There's this wicked Jamaican place and it's so good! For comfort food, go for Chubby's Jamaican Chicken.


Canada's Drag Race airs every Thursday at 7 p.m. MDT / 9 p.m ET on Crave TV.