One Day in Toronto: Top Chef Canada Season X winner Tre Sanderson

Restaurant recommendations from Top Chef Canada's latest champion

Photos provided by Food Network Canada.

After a wild ride filled with ups and downs—but mostly ups—Ontario-based chef Tre Sanderson finished Top Chef Canada Season X right where he started; at the top of our weekly power rankings and more importantly, as the sole chef standing atop the proverbial Top Chef Canada podium. 

Before stepping into the TCC kitchen for the first time, chef Sanderson was known in the GTA for working at some of Toronto’s top restaurants, including Baro, Hotel X, and where he currently resides as chef de partie at Vela

In addition to the boundless opportunities the win will undoubtedly afford him, chef Sanderson, who is now the only Black chef to win Top Chef Canada, has stated that he hopes his experience will inspire young chefs to believe in themselves and never allow anyone to tell them what they can’t achieve. 

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the newest Top Chef Canada champion about his favourite food and drink spots in his home base of Toronto.



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I love Good Fork! Great service and even better food. Everything from the iced Turkish coffee to the freshly baked pita, to the warm ambiance and unique decor, it’s an amazing way to start your day!

Always expect this place to be busy, so be sure you get there early, or be ready to grab a coffee across the street while you're waiting for a table! My favourites? Blueberry pancakes and Spanish hash. If you have leftover hash, be sure to heat up in a pan—somehow it gets even better when reheated.


Pizzeria Badiali. It never, ever disappoints. You know that chewy yet crunchy pizza crust that everyone loves? They’ve got it. When you walk in you’re hit with immediate nostalgia, it feels like you’re walking into a pizzeria in New York. Come here for amazingly fresh pies and be sure to try a couple different kinds! My favourites? Pepperoni and burrata marinara. 


Sugar Kane. A lively restaurant with authentic Caribbean flavours! With so many classics and flavourful menu items, you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to order. From the tropical drinks to the live DJ, it makes for a great night out every time. Must try? Jerk corn and pimento cheese dip from the starter menu—phenomenal!



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Mother Cocktail Bar. A truly dope spot with super talented bartenders. With a dark and intimate ambiance and its unique fermentation room, this spot brings a vibe like no other. The drinks come from a different perspective and the menu is incredibly well thought out. My favourites? The Seven Islands Punch and the Honey +.

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