One Day in Vancouver: noir-pop duo Vox Rea

Where the popular musical duo loves to eat and drink on the West Coast

Photo provided, taken by Taylor Burk Photography.W

Vancouver-based sisters Kate and Lauren Kurdyak first came onto the Canadian music scene in 2017 with their original project The Katherines and haven't stopped gaining momentum since. In the past six years, the duo has evolved notably, and since 2020 is best known as the captivating noir-pop duo Vox Rea.

Today, the 604 Records act has amassed well over one million streams on Spotify (and counting) thanks to popular tunes like "Can't Help Myself", "Douse Me Up" and "Julia". The sisters' brand-new single "Magazine Man" has proven equally popular straight out of the gates.

With a unique approach to creating pop music that often balances darker themes with striking melodies, it's also no surprise that Vox Rea has seen plenty of media attention frm outlets including Vice, MTV and the National Post. Their music has also been showcased on a variety of TV shows including Orphan Black, Reboot, and The Order.

Outside of creating music and performing live, Kate and Lauren Kurdyak love embracing their hometown's food and scene too. It's a vast one, so when pressed for their favourite spots, Vox Rea is keeping things to the westside of Vancouver.

"We wanted to challenge ourselves to keep this all to the Vancouver westside—where we grew up. There are a million places on Main St. or Commercial St. that we could name, but we’re going to keep it west of Fraser St. with these picks," says Kate Kurdyak.


Brightside opened up recently and it’s a real gem with great coffee, great pastries, and even better brunch. We almost didn’t want to include this one because it still feels like one of the best kept secrets in Kitsilano, but it’s too good to keep quiet.

Make sure to go on the weekend for brunch and try the brown butter benny or the brisket and grits. Maybe throw a ceaser or mimosa into the mix if you’re feeling frisky.


One of our favourite grab-and-go spots in the city is Al Basha on Cornwall St. (they have a location on Davie St. too). It’s the best shawarma we’ve ever found in the city.

Order the Al Basha plate and make sure to ask for garlic sauce. While you’re in the neighbourhood, it never hurts to pick up some Siegel’s Bagels for the road.



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Vij’s is our ultimate splurge dinner. It’s our favourite restaurant in the city and some of the most exciting Indian food you will ever try.

Our go to dish is the portobello mushroom and red bell pepper curry...and even thinking about makes our mouths water. Add some mogo fries, pakoras and lamb popsicles to share if you’re going hard.


Staying true to our westside challenge, we’d probably hit up Glitch for some pink drinks and Donkey Kong, but our favourite bar in the city would have to be the Shameful Tiki Room.

You never come out of there the same person.

Watch: Vox Rea performing at The Hollywood Theatre