One Day in Winnipeg: singer-songwriter Andrina Turenne

Where to eat in Winnipeg according to an award-winning Canadian musician

Photo by Cory Aronec
Photo by Cory Aronec.

Folks unfamiliar with Winnipeg might be surprised to know that it has a French Quarter, but the ones that do will know that its a huge part of what makes Canada's most central city so vibrant.

Born-and-raised in St. Boniface (i.e. Winnipeg's French Quarter), singer-songwriter Andrina Turenne is a great example of one of many talented creatives that hail from this part of Winnipeg. The bilingual musician creates her own music, of course, but is especially prolific in collaboration and has contributed to over 50 album releases.

She's toured the globe, won a JUNO Award with her former band Chic Gamine, but most recently, she's released her first solo project Bold as Logs. In addition to actively promoting the charming 11-track album, she's also planning the release of a francophone EP in fall of 2023.

We love a creative that doesn't rest on their laurels!

Being based in Winnipeg, Andrina Turenne is lucky enough to have many amazing restaurants and bars at her fingertips. From greasy spoon breakfasts and top-notch brunches to soaking up live music with a side of casual drinks, here's where the talented artist loves to eat and drink in her home base of Winnipeg.



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Johnny’s on Marion Street is a stellar greasy spoon has been a staple throughout my life, and it's been a meeting place since I was in high school. The family that runs it is super nice and they’ve been in St. Boniface for over 40 years. Many late weekend gigs have been followed by next-day band brunches in this great spot.

Pro tip: always get the hashbrowns done crispy. 

Clementine is another of my favourite local spots to meet up for a great brunch. You might have to wait in line to get in, but the wait is always worth it!

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, everything is delicious. I love their Turkish Eggs so much, but I try to switch up my order every time because it’s all so delicious.

Great spot!


BMC Tacos rules. It has such good authentic tacos, everything made by hand, and everything incredibly delicious. All of the salsas are incredible.

Also, you can’t beat these prices anywhere in town! 3 Tacos for $5! It's been like that for years now.

I love BMC!


Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant is one of my favourite dinner spots. Everything I’ve had here is so delicious.

I usually get the Veggie Combo with their handmade injera, and sometimes I stop by just to pick up a bag of Injera. The folks are real nice and the food is delicious.

It’s a winner!


Times Change(d) High and Lonesome Club for drinks, of course! How could you not? It's a legendary place where you can catch some of the best bands in the city and the country.

I spent so much time here listening and playing shows myself. This community of people has played a huge part in my life and continues to. I’ve made some of the greatest friends here and I’ve heard some of the most inspiring music.

I feel proud and lucky that we have this incredible venue in our city.

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