One Day in St. John's: singer Jenny Mallard

Restaurants to try the next time you're visiting Newfoundland

Since being recognized by the East Coast Music Awards for her songwriting ability back in 2015 at the young age of 17, Jenny Mallard is a Canadian singer-songwriter that is wise beyond her mid-20s-something years.

In 2022, Mallard released her debut album Into The Deep and in January, she released her first single of 2023, "The Anchor". The award-winning artist stands out by sharing openly of bipolar disorder through her music, allowing her to build an authentic relationship with listeners from across Canada and beyond.

As a proudly born-and-raised Newfoundlander, it's no surprise that Jenny Mallard loves St. John's small, but mighty food scene.

From an iconic diner to a bespoke cocktail bar, here's her picks for where to eat and drink in the charming east coast city.



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Bagel Cafe is my favourite breakfast spot because it has such a large selection on the menu, and I can try something new every time I go there. They have some nice spins on traditional Newfoundland breakfasts too.


I enjoy Jumping Bean Cafe on Elizabeth Avenue. They have this delicious roasted red pepper soup that is my go-to comfort food, and their specialty sandwiches of the day are always a nice adventure to try with the soup.

Plus, their bright and warm atmosphere is unbeatable. It’s typically lively, but not usually too loud so it’s perfect to go there alone to study or to meet with a friend.


I like Bernard Stanley Gastropub for supper because I can go there and get something that I wouldn’t be able to make at home. It is a higher-end spot, and the food there [is best described] as a fancy spin on pub food.

Their food is always so incredible. If you’re looking to experiment with different flavors and tastes and you like pub food, this is the spot to go.


There is a new bar called Papillion Cocktail Bar that opened in downtown St. John’s recently. The atmosphere is phenomenal and many components of the cocktails are all made in-house.

They actually squeeze the fruits they use in front of you, and some ingredients are hand-picked from the garden that day. It’s definitely an experience to go there, and the fact that the drinks are so delicious is the icing on the cake.

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