Remember Rum & Butter chocolate bars? Want 133,000 of them?

A company is looking to unload thousands of chocolate bars by June 2023

While you need to be of a certain age to remember the now-defunct Cadbury Rum & Butter chocolate bar, a similar creation has been readily available across Alberta for the past few years thanks to Canadian Candy Nostalgia.

The candy manufacturer has found some success in reviving forgotten about sweet treats like the aforementioned Rum & Butter chocolate bar (think grown-up Caramilk) as well as the Cuban Lunch (think a non-chewy Eat-More). While the official versions of these bars haven't been around since the 90s and saw peak popularity well before that, folks identifying as 80s kids or older may recall them fondly.

Naturally, having product in stock as a chocoate bar producer is important, but Canadian Candy Nostalgia has seemingly and unexpectedly wound up with a huge stockpile of Rum & Butter bars. All 133,000 bars have an expiry date in June, 2023.

The company is looking to offload them to that the product does not go to waste. In a recent CBC article, company co-founder Crystal Regehr Westergard explains that she is actively trying to find places to take the bars by June.

If you've got a suggestion for what to do with a mountain of chocolate bars, you can send Canadian Candy Nostalgia an email.