10 kick-ass Halloween candies to hand out or keep for yourself

Skip the usual Walmart candy bars and try these instead

Freak Lunchbox candies for Halloween
Freak Lunchbox candies.

If there's one day of the year to give into your sweet tooth (regardless of impending cavities), it has to be Halloween. As much as we love those little Snickers bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, we can't help but notice that they are getting smaller and smaller each year.

Skip the predictability this week and track down some of these eclectic goodies to share with friends and trick-or-treaters, or just eat them yourself. We scoured through the shelves of Freak Lunchbox to find these cool candies, but if you have a go-to candy shop in your town, we are crossing our fingers that it's got at least some of these in store.

Giant Chocolate Toonies

We never condone the manufacturing or use of counterfeits, but we are willing to let them slide when they're made with chocolate. Really, if someone actually accepts this three-inch wide, (in diameter) foil-wrapped candy coin as legal tender, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Abracadabra Yan Yan Kids

We have absolutely no idea what these taste like, but Japanese candies and cookies always seem extra exciting, don't they?

ハッピーハロウィン (Happy Halloween!)

Root Beer Penny Lollipop

Still lamenting the dissolution of the Canadian penny? That's too bad. Lucky for you, you can suck on this: a rootbeer American penny lollilop. Mmm... Sweet, brassy goodness!

Big League Chew

Real chewing tobacco is so 1996. Stick to this vintage bubble gum, and you'll be batting 400 in no time there, champ!

Gay Bar

If you're not in the mood for glitter and drag queens on Halloween night, then bring the gay bar home with this surprisingly healthy fruit and nut bar. It's clearly the packaging that makes this one the stuff of dreams. Crank that Celine Dion dance mix, get those hips shakin' and chow down!

Gravy Candy

We're not exactly sure what to think of this one, but to each his own. Is Johnny Depp Willy Wonka behind this?

Wham Bars

A popular fizzy, chewy, taffy-esque, berry-flavoured candy from Britain. Oh, those Brits and their crazy sweet treats.

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans

Have some jelly bean lovers in your life? Well, this one's for you. Here at Eat North, we love playing tricks on people, so this candy is near and dear to our hearts. Toss a couple of packages of these into a bowl. Between all the vibrant colours, the beans will give you either a lovely experience (good orange bean = peach) or leave you with a fairly awful taste in your mouth (bad orange bean = barf).

Remember these around April Fool's Day too, OK?

Awake Chocolate Bars

If your friend's kids drive you nuts, slip them a couple of these chocolate bars right before you leave the house. Each bar packs the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Leaving your friends with caffeinated, sugar-high children will remind them to tighten up those parenting skills!

We are so joking. Your friends will probably be the ones needing these.

Pink Candy Popcorn

Last, but not least, how could we forget the pink-coloured popcorn of our youth. Though, this is definitely one of those candies that tastes better in your memory than it does in your mouth, nostalgia is something that's not often available for purchase. So, we say enjoy this one by the handful; just don't eat the stickers.