Rosie and The Riveters and Twin Kennedy: Pairing holiday tunes with food

Canadian musicians talk holiday music and food

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Twin Kennedy (left) and Rosie and The Riveters get festive together over their music, food and drinks

Do you ever think about how music can complement the food you're eating? We certainly do and we wanted to bring the worlds of holiday entertaining and music together by asking one of our favourite singers, Allyson Reigh of the popular band, Rosie and The Riveters, to take listen to one of our other favourites, country duo Twin Kennedy's new Christmas album and pair a food or drink with each song.

The result? A fun comparison of comforting dishes and drinks to equally comforting tunes that have been in heavy rotation on our personal Spotify holiday playlist since December 1st.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit play and see if you agree with Reigh's pairings of her and her bandmates' favourite recipes to Twin Kennedy's music

"Cold Weather" and festive hot chocolate

"I love this Christmas tune! This song makes me and the band want to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate after a snowy day outside, but with a little kick of something naughty for the holidays."

Get Allyson's recipe for Winter-spiced hot chocolate (pictured above) here.

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and homemade soup

photo courtesy of Flickr.

"This is my favourite Christmas song and I love Twin Kennedy’s version of this classic! This song just makes me want to curl up at home by the fire with a good book. On those relaxing, snowy days, I love to make my dad’s recipe for lentil soup. This wholesome, nourishing soup is perfect for snowy winter nights."

Get Allyson's family recipe for lentil and vegetable soup here.

"Snowed In" and mulled wine

photo courtesy of Ingrid Kuenzel.

"This song makes me want to cuddle up with my sweetheart, drink something warm and boozy, and watch cheesy Christmas movies."

Get some boozy inspiration with our unique recipe for hibiscus cinnamon mulled wine here.

"It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" and sucre à la crème

"My bandmate, Alexis and her family celebrate Christmas on December 24th, in typical French-Canadian "réveillon" style. 

Réveillon" means to stay awake. Way back when, French-Canadians would stay up late on Christmas eve, attend midnight mass (which was actually at midnight), then go home, eat, and exchange gifts into the wee hours of Christmas morning. 

Alexis and her family members often get together during the holidays and bake together and this song perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of those days. Most French-Canadian families make sucre à la crème as a harder, fudge-like cube (too sweet for Alexis). The Normand family makes it differently; they make it as a spread (think of that caramel spread, only more creamy), best enjoyed on toast!"

Here's how to make Sucre à la crème, the saucy, Normand family way.

"I’ll Be Home for Christmas" and vegetable frittata

"This is such a beautiful song. There’s nothing more comforting that enjoying a warm meal with good friends and family during the cold months of winter.

My mom will often make this frittata when we have friends and family coming over for brunch during the holidays. It's always quick and simple, but a definite crowd pleaser."

Try making this easy frittata that uses mushrooms, zucchini and leftover spaghetti noodles (it's tasty, trust us).

"Silver Bells" and Lefsa

"The founding member of Rosie and The Riveters, my bandmate Farideh, was raised in the Baha’i faith, so Christmas at her home didn’t include a tree or presents. However, she always tells us stories about her grandmother would always spoiled her rotten and her aunts were also very festive. The family on her father’s side is Norwegian so on Christmas Eve, they would gather at an Aunt’s home for a spread of delicious seafood and traditional deserts like Blotcake and Lefsa. Lefsa is so simple to make and always extra delicious at this time of year."

"I’m a Child Again" and holiday cookies

"This song really brings back memories of what it’s like to be little at Christmas. Best paired with a simple cookie recipe!"

Already have too many Christmas cookies at home? Try making a batch of cookie butter.


"Not So Silent Night" and bourbon cocktails

"What could pair better with a not-so-silent night than a warming, bourbon cocktail? A classic Old Fashioned is always a nice drink to start a fun night off with, but during the holidays, I like my drinks a little more wintery. Careful though, this one’s boozy!"

A reinvented eggnog using bourbon and chocolate bitters might also be a good idea.

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