More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 34

Going back to basics in the kitchen, favourite cookbooks and food influencer evolution during COVID-19

Like everyone else, we're cooking a lot more our homes, dusting off some of our favourite cookbooks and making time for new baking projects. For Emma Waverman, that's sourdough, for her co-host Phil Wilson, that's tater tot waffles for her co-host Phil Wilson, and for guest Dan Clapson, it's a batch of brownies. The three chat about how they are looking at their pantry cupboards in a whole new light these days.

Naturally, the trio discuss the current effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Canadian restaurant industry and the workers who make it tick, as well as individuals in the industry going out of their way to help others during uncertain times. From there, they pivot to a short and heart-warming chat about an Edmonton chef and his wife, Steve and Lourdes Brochu, on cooking their way through a cookbook Julie & Julia-style and a discussion about how food media--influencers in particular--may have to adapt to the sudden irrelevance of restaurant or "food porn" social accounts due to social distancing.

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