Behind the Name: Calgary's Oxbow

How this riverside restaurant in Calgary got its name

Located inside the award-winning Hotel Arts Kensington in Calgary's Hillhurst neighbourhood, a stone's throw from the Elbow River, Oxbow has been serving up contemporary Canadian cuisine with a twist since 2017.

Originally, the hotel paid homage to its proximity to the river with its former name Kensington Riverside Inn. As well, it's original restaurant Chef's Table was known for elaborate tasting menus and elegant service. When it came time for a property facelift several years ago, the Hotel Arts Group took the opportunity to relax their restaurant and lounge concept and thus, Oxbow was born.

The unique name pays homage to the Bow River, where a bend in the waterway (i.e. an oxbow) is just east of the hotel and restaurant. Hotel Arts Group's executive chef Quinn Staple has been involved with the concept since its inception and is happy to point out that Oxbow actually offers a dual meaning.

"It's a wordplay [that represents] our concept for the cuisine. Familiar dishes, but with a twist," explains Staple. "We elevate [classic dishes] with elements such as ingredient quality, technique, and presentation."

Oxbow is open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The restaurant also offers takeout and delivery.